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Avoid Losing Your Luggage and Sanity with These 7 Tips


What could be a worse experience for any traveler than losing his or her luggage? Just asking for assistance from the airport personnel and following up on the status of your lost luggage can be very bothersome and a pain in the neck. The problem may even last until you have returned to Australia. So perform all precautionary measures to ensure that your luggage will not get lost during your travel.


Here at Best Melbourne Airport Parking, we want all our customers to have a stress-free and smooth pre-departure experience. In our own little way, our staff members are trained to keep watch of your luggage to prevent it from getting stolen while you’re busy unloading your travel bags. And we have compiled a list of tips that can help everyone ensure that their luggage remains intact throughout their trip.

1.   Travel light

Carrying multiple travel bags will not only lead to sore back and shoulders—it can also make it harder for you to track everything. If you can travel with just one bag, the better. It is a lot easier to keep an eye on a single bag than three or more bags.

2.   Take photos of your luggage

In case your luggage goes missing, you can show the photos to the airport personnel, making it easier for them to identify and locate your bags.

3.   Attach an easily noticeable bag tag

Have you ever seen luggage tags in funny designs while you’re waiting for your bag at the baggage carousel? They look like that for a good reason—eccentric bag tags make it easy for their owners to notice and retrieve their bags. So get your bag a tag so that you can easily recognize it. That way, people won’t mistake your bag for their own and pick them up.

4. Remove those old airline stickers

Even if you are the busiest person in the world, take the time to remove the old stickers placed by the airport personnel on your bags. If you keep those tags intact on your next flight, it is likely to confuse the airport personnel and make them transport your bags in a different place.

5. Include your contact information

Make sure that your bag tag and even inside the bags have your contact information. Add your travel itinerary just for a precautionary measure. Doing so will help the airport personnel easily contact you in case your luggage goes to a wrong location.

6. Have your luggage insured

Yes, it is an added expense, but it is like paying for peace of mind knowing that chances of your bags getting lost will be low.

7. List your luggage content

List down the items, a short description of each (e.g., color, brand, size, etc.), and the number of each item. The list will make it easy for you to confirm that you are the owner of the luggage when it gets lost and is found by the airport personnel.

What are Your Airport Parking Options?


Will you be driving directly to the airport before your flight? If so, then that is a smart way to reduce cost and speed up your commute time to the airport.

If you will be availing of an airport parking service, you will be surprised to know that you have a variety of options to choose from: self parking, valet parking, short-term parking, long-term parking, and off-site parking. Get to know all these options, their pros and cons, and the best choice through this guide.


1.   Off-site airport parking

Offering cheaper prices than on-site airport parking lots, off-airport parking services are provided by companies with private parking spaces near the airport. For travelers, this means both affordability and convenience.

At Best Melbourne Airport Parking, we offer two types of airport parking services that cater to different needs of our customers:


Self Parking

On the day of your flight, go directly to our car park facility and present your booking reference on your smartphone to our staff at the reception. Your reserved parking space will be shown to you, and you’ll be quickly briefed about the parking process. Our free shuttle service will pick you up and take you to the Melbourne Airport.


When you return, call us and we will have our shuttle van pick you up from the arrival area and bring you to our car park so that you can take your car back home.


Valet Parking

Drive directly to the Melbourne Airport to meet our staff at the designated airport terminal. Unload your luggage and give your key to our chauffeur who will drive your car to our airport parking facility.


When you return, call us and we will have your car delivered to you in your location at the airport terminal.


2. Short-term parking

This is a type of on-site airport parking, located near airport terminals, making it convenient yet very expensive. Short-term parking is for travelers who will be dropped off or picked up by their family or friends.

3. Long-term parking

As its name suggests, long-term airport parking works for people who need to park their vehicles for a long period. Long-term parking is a less expensive option compared to short-term parking. However, the location can be far from the airport.

This is also not an ideal option if you will be traveling during winter, as it is often located in an open parking lot. Also, snow buildup will make it hard for you to take your car out of the car park. You will have to bring an ice scraper to remove snow and ice, and that can really take much of your time.

To sum it up, when it comes to airport parking, go for a service that can provide you with the most value out of your money.

4 Tips for Preventing Pre-Flight Stress: A Guide for Frequent Travelers

You are about to embark on a journey to take a brief respite from your daily work grind. You are so excited—you already visualize yourself relaxing at the beach under the summer sun. Nothing can stress you during your well-deserved break.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you will still have to deal with stress-related events leading to your flight to your travel destination. To reduce the stress and the hassle, though, you can do several things to ensure a smooth and breezy pre-departure.


1. Book an airport parking service in advance

Rather than burden yourself with the high cost of taxi rides or the inconvenience of public transport, you will be better off driving yourself to the airport.

So that you will not have to worry about where to leave your vehicle prior to your flight, make an early reservation with an airport parking service as soon as you can. This way, you are assured of a slot so that you will not have to waste time looking for an available parking slot at the airport.

It’s a lot cheaper that way, too, especially if you hire the services of an off-airport parking company. Here at Best Melbourne Parking, you can enjoy discounts when you book with us in advance.

2. Make sure to bring all the essentials

Nothing can ruin a trip better than forgetting your passport at home when you are about to check in at the airport. So be prepared with all your important documents and stuff—check thoroughly if you have them all in your bag: passport, travel insurance, ATM and credit cards, cash, and more.

3. Add some buffer time to your pre-departure schedule

Even if you choose to drive to the airport, there can be some setbacks along the way, like heavy traffic, long lines at the check-in counter, issues with the customs, and others. So you have to give your pre-departure schedule a careful thought and plan for contingencies. Include some buffer time so that you can arrive early and have ample time for dealing with any problem or delay. Check-in counters in airports open 3 hours before the flight, so make sure to be there at least half an hour before check-in opens.

4. Pack light

When you burden yourself with carrying bulky and heavy luggage, you will get tired easily as soon as you get to the airport. So leave at home anything that you will not need or can buy for cheap in your country of destination. No need to bring loads of toiletries if you will be staying in a hotel that can provide for those necessities. Also, bringing hair and skin care products in more than 100 ml containers will cause you hassle at the customs. So better leave those at home.

Your Transportation Options to the Melbourne Airport


Different travelers have different preferences when it comes to getting to the airport. On our blog, you can see many articles explaining the benefits of driving directly to and from the airport and leaving your vehicle at a parking facility near the airport.

Now let’s look at the other side of the coin. What will happen if you decide to just leave your car at home? Then, of course, you will have to use another means of transportation so that you can get to the airport. Here are your other options and what you can get from them.


Airport shuttle

When you reserve an airport shuttle service, a driver will pick you up and drop you off to and from your location. On the surface, this may seem like a convenient option—until you find yourself waiting for so long because the driver needs to pick up and drop off other passengers, too.

This option can be as expensive as a taxi ride, especially if you live near the Melbourne Airport.


Of all the transportation modes on this list, riding a taxi or a cab is the most convenient way to get to the Melbourne Airport. However, be ready for a high fare—taxi rides to the airport are the most expensive, too.

Ride-hailing services

Uber and GoCatch are among the alternative to taxis in Australia. The costs of using these services to get to and from the airport vary depending on the demand and your distance from the airport. To save money, you can opt for the ride-sharing options such as UberPool, but the commute to the airport will get longer that way, as the driver will have to pick up and drop off several passengers before you can get to the airport.

Buses and trains

Public transportation such as buses and trains are the least expensive option for traveling to the airport. However, they are prone to delays. They can also be inconvenient to use when you have big and heavy luggage to carry.

Which is Better: On-Airport or Off-Airport Parking?

You have two parking options when you prefer to drive to the Melbourne Airport: on-airport parking and off-airport parking. Having a hard time choosing between the two? This quick guide will help you decide.


Offering peace of mind

Early booking is not an option when you park on-site. Only walk-ins are allowed. In contrast, off-airport parking companies allow reservations for better management of parking spaces.

If you can reserve a slot in a parking facility weeks or months in advance, parking your car before your departure will be one less thing to worry about. Especially when your flight is scheduled on peak season when the demand for parking lots is high, having an advanced booking will really help.

Pre-departure activities outside and inside the airport are stressful enough. You deserve peace of mind knowing that your car will be in good, safe hands during your trip.

More affordable prices

The price is the major difference between the two airport parking services. All airports in the world tend to have higher prices in exchange for the convenience they offer.

Off-site airport parking services provide convenience just the same, at a much lower cost. It is because companies offering such a service cost lower to operate. They also hire fewer employees compared to the airport. The savings that off-site airport parking companies gain are passed on to the customers to the tune of cheaper rates.

So if you want the best of both worlds in terms of affordability and convenience, the winning option is the off-site parking service.

Customized service

Off-airport parking services like the ones provided by Best Melbourne Airport Parking company can offer customized service that can match the needs of every customer. We also listen to customer feedback to improve our services further.

Money-Saving Tips for Stretching Your Travel Budget

Traveling comes with a lot of costs, from your pre-departure to your return. But that does not mean it always has to be expensive. You can enjoy numerous holiday trips without blowing your bank account. Any money-savvy traveler can tell you that it is possible to travel cheap. You just have to know how to cut down on costs without sacrificing comfort and convenience.


Want to know how to make the most out of your limited travel budget? Let the Best Melbourne Airport Parking company help you with these money-saving tips for travelers.

1.   Drive to the airport

To get to the airport, driving your car and parking with on an off-airport parking facility can be a cost-effective option rather than riding a taxi, a ride-sharing service, or a public transport like a bus or train. You will be less stressed and less broke before your flight that way.

2. Make an early booking for an airport parking service

The earlier you book, the better for your budget because you can enjoy discounts for advanced bookings. Here at Best Melbourne Airport Parking, we offer just that plus some seasonal promos and loyalty reward points for our frequent customers. Even things as simple as making an early reservation can save you some dollars that you can spend for your other travel costs.

3. Bring just one carry-on bag if you can

Going over the baggage limit means extra costs, so save yourself from the additional expense and the hassle by packing light. Ideally, one carry-on luggage is good enough. That way, you also get to save time because you will not have to wait to pick up checked baggage.

4. Book cheaper accommodations

Besides food, accommodations are among the biggest chunk of your travel expenses. You can significantly cut down on costs by booking a hostel, a bed and breakfast, or a dormitory, if you do not mind sharing a room with strangers. You can even find low-priced apartments and condo units at websites like Airbnb. Or if you want to go the backpacker route, why don’t you try Couchsurfing for free? As an added bonus, you will get to know the culture of the country you are visiting.

5. Eat at local restaurants and street food stalls

Especially if you do not feel like splurging on food, stay away from fine dining restaurants in malls and buffet dining places that will cost you an arm and a leg. Find cheaper yet tasty local cuisines from the street-side eateries and food stalls on the streets. Your taste buds and tummy—as well as your wallet—will be very happy.